CTK toolkit for Fit4Surgery

Remotely serviced and supported home monitoring of health data during self-preparation for major surgery

This project is to explore and validate a virtual connected home-based facilitated self-managed toolkit (CTK) enhancing functional status and wellbeing and changing lifestyle behaviour before major elective surgery (Fit4surgery). Monitoring is based on data collected by a comfortable, intuitive and seamless device measuring vitals including sleep and stress. The CTK toolkit is a AI-based continuous remote (cardiac) monitoring solutions including a wearable, non-invasive medical device, AI-based analytic platform, smart notification and dashboard functionalities  for healthcare professionals with access to real-time information. NAAST (primary/community care) and RUMC (hospital care) provide layered monitoring and support during the 4-8 weeks pre-habilitation period.

Hospital-based Fit4surgery is relatively new in health care, with only general insights in the economic advantages. This applies even more for the next level; digital home-based Fit4surgery. This project will provide insights on the health care economics of the project in comparison to the current hospital-based Fit4surgery program of RUMC. On a national level, Fit4surgery is not yet implemented in all hospitals. A cost-saving solution like CTK for home-based pre-habilitation, is expected to support a wide, broad and sustainable implementation of Fit4surgery programs, corresponding with the quadruple aims in healthcare and nationwide prevention programs.

This project explores and validates a telehealth solution for patients physically and mentally preparing for surgery at home. Health data and vital signs are continuously measured by a wearable patch, converted to meaningful data by AI for use by a Health Service Center that remotely services and supports the patient.
Technology Readiness Level (TRL)
3 - 6
Time period
48 months