Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH) entails a broad scope of disciplines, from pharmaceuticals to medical technology and from healthcare infrastructure to vaccination. To realise its mission – vital citizens in a healthy economy - the Top Sector builds on the strengths of the Dutch LSH sector to address the biggest societal challenges in prevention, cure and care. By funding multidisciplinary public-private partnerships (PPPs) the Top Sector aims to facilitate innovation. Here we give an overview of  a number of funded R&D projects by Top Sector LSH. The page is updated continuously.

Developing a novel Immuno-Oncology model for cancer using organoid technology

Patient Derived tumor Organoid Immuno-Oncology (PDO-IO) model development for combinatorial immuno-oncological (IO) treatment evaluation

Hubrecht Organoid Technology and GlaxoSmithKline will together develop a human relevant Lung and Colon Immuno-Oncology model using Tumor Organoids, to better predict drug effectiveness for small molecule therapies.

Immune therapy is the most recent addition to the list of cancer treatments and shows promising results in clinical studies. Yet, these therapies are extremely expensive since development is still very difficult and it has a high failure rate due to the lack of models.

The use of Organoid Technology to predict which patient benefit from which therapy would impact the burden on the patients, boost cancer survival rates and healthcare costs greatly. In this project an Immuno-Oncology model using Tumor Organoids will be developed and tested to better predict drug effectiveness and enhance personal medicine. Additionally, a biobank will be set-up to study the interaction between small molecules.

Together, this will lead to an organoid-T cell coculture platform that can be used for routine efficacy testing of IO-modulating compounds, shortening the time-line from drug discovery to launch.