COVID-19 Insights by Artificial Intelligence

Single EU-wide secure fighting corona AI data platform

The amount of information about COVID-19 is exploding. This information is very diverse, ranging from virus detection in Barcelona wastewater, to new positive human trials results from the Oxford vaccine or growing commuter numbers in the London Tube. Artificial Intelligence can help to process this growing amount of information into proportional insights. These insights enable people to react to changing COVID-19 situations, affecting business operations and human everyday life.

The developers from Dutch artificial intelligence software company Semlab, the Danish next generation IT services company Netcompany and health experts & doctors in Radboud University Medical Centre will collaborate in this project to provide up to date actionable insights into COVID-19 data.

The project LIF2.0 aims to develop a short term response to COVID-19 needs in industry and public organisations by offering a real time COVID-19 driven data platform covering European wide aggregated content from a vast amount of sources. Users will have insights for developing new echo period strategies.
Technology Readiness Level (TRL)
4 - 7
Time period
5 months
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