New Bidbook for the Dutch Life Sciences & Health Sector

Promoting international collaboration to advance health & care

The Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector has published a new bidbook to highlight the opportunities for international collaboration in health & care in the Netherlands. Entitled ‘Welcome to the Netherlands: Europe’s Connected Life Sciences & Health Metropolis’. Read all about joining our vibrant Life Sciences & Health ecosystem in this special bidbook. It demonstrates why the Netherlands is an attractive place for innovative business and an accessible and interconnected metropolis for sharing knowledge and innovations.

“The Netherlands is located at the heart of Europe and globally connected via excellent digital and physical infrastructure. What makes us unique, are the quadruple helix collaborations in which citizens, researchers, government and entrepreneurs are working together to drive innovation in healthcare.”
- Carmen van Vilsteren, Chair Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (Health~Holland)

By joining forces with our international partners, we strive to tackle the many varying threats facing our planet, from water and energy to health and security. With an open-minded, inventive, and inclusive approach to novel challenges, the Netherlands has flourished into a robust, stable, and resilient society that is open for collaboration all over the world. “It’s not what we do for you; it’s what we do together with you that counts!”

“Working together is part of the Dutch DNA. By collaborating with the best, we can identify innovative solutions that matter. We welcome international companies to join us in innovating the future of health, for the benefit of patients and society at large.”
- Hans Schikan, Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (Health~Holland)

We welcome you!

Read here the Bidbook ‘Welcome to the Netherlands: Europe’s Connected Life Sciences & Health Metropolis’

This bidbook is developed with great care by Health~Holland, Invest in HollandDutch Asssociation Innovative Medicines and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.


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