World of Health Care: What to Expect?

On the 28th of September, World of Health Care 2021 starts! During this event, foreign decision-makers in healthcare can visit and share knowledge with Dutch health stakeholders and each other. Keynote speakers include Carmen van Vilsteren (Chair, Top Sector LSH), Nico van Meeteren (Executive Director, Top Sector LSH) and Hans Schikan (Member of the Board, Top Sector LSH, and Special Envoy for Vaccines, Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sports).

World of Health Care allows foreign decision-makers in healthcare to visit and share knowledge with Dutch health stakeholders and other countries present. WoHC Delegates participate in the Health~Holland Visitors Programme, a 3-day virtual programme for decision-makers in international, national, regional and local healthcare. This programme aims to broaden the knowledge of our worldwide renowned Dutch Health system and related smart solutions which increase quality, affordability and accessibility of healthcare.


Boasting 500 international participants from 30+ countries, the 2021 World of Health Care is sure to be a truly inspirational event. Each day will provide ample opportunities for networking and collaboration. Also, both Dutch and international stakeholders will be able to join plenary sessions and actively search for partners via our B2B matchmaking platform.

In order to ensure global participants get the most out of the experience, each day will have a morning session for the Eastern hemisphere and an afternoon session for the Western hemisphere. Where the former will predominantly focus on Asia, the Middle East, and parts of Africa and Europe, the latter will largely target North, South, and Latin America. Depending on the topics and areas that interest you, you can build you own programme for each day of the event.

About the programme

Day 1 of the event will spotlight how we in the Netherlands are coping with some of healthcare’s biggest challenges. How are we addressing the trends driving healthcare’s transformation on a national level? How are we improving organisation efficiency both within and outside Dutch institutions? How are we facilitating healthy living and personal autonomy for our ageing population? Lastly, what strengths do we have as a nation that can help improve healthcare for our international neighbours?

Keynote speakers on day 1 include Carmen van Vilsteren, Chair, Health~Holland, Drs. Tamara van Ark, Minister for Medical Care & Sport, Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sports of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and Prof. Dr. Ernst Kuiper, CEO, Erasmus MC University Medical Center Rotterdam.

On day 2 and 3, the event will explore some practical solutions for many of today’s biggest healthcare problems. Both Dutch stakeholders and their international counterparts will present and discuss how their individual efforts contribute to the future-proofing of global healthcare initiatives.

Keynote speakers on day 2 include Nico van Meeteren, Executive Director, Health~Holland, Hans Schikan, Member of the Board, Health~Holland & Special Envoy for Vaccines, Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sports, and Nico Schiettekatte, Counselor for Health, Welfare & Sport, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China.

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