Special Artificial Intelligence: Interview with Nico van Meeteren

Nico van Meeteren, professor at Maastricht UMC and Executive Director at Health~Holland, is ideally positioned to assess the Netherlands’ position and prospects when it comes to innovation in Life Sciences & Health. For the government and other Dutch stakeholders, the picture he sketches should be both a source of pride and a warning against complacency. 

The Personal Health Train is cited by Prof. Dr. Nico L.U. Van Meeteren as an example of innovation and fresh thinking.

'The Personal Health Train really is a game-changer, which is why major bodies like the EU and WHO see it as the future. And it’s the product of a collaboration between a number of Dutch research institutes applying what I call ‘in-the-box thinking’, as you have to be operating within the system to effect real change.”

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This interview is featured in the Special Artificial Intelligence in Health, on page 8, from the Innovatie Attaché Netwerk / IA (Netherlands Innovation Network).

Source: Innovatie Attaché Netwerk, RVO

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