From Seed to Christmas Tree - The New Health~Holland Update is Out Now!

How is it possible that a small seed can be the beginning of a beautiful flower? It all started in 2011. The Dutch Government planted a seed: the Top Sector Policy. The Top Sectors formed the right sowing soil, but only through the joined efforts of the triple helix did the Top Sector Policy sproute. The contacs within the triple helix led to new activities, new products and services and solutions for societal challenges. This resulted in strategic national public-private partnerships, which work together on specific topics such as AI, microplastics and oncology, which are characteristic of the current Dutch knowledge and innovation infrastructure.

But this was not enough. Citizens proved to be a crucial coalition partner and so the quadruple helix was born. And with the implementation of the Mission-driven Top Sectors and Innovation Policy in 2019 the innovation policy came into full bloom. With even more direction and coherence, the Netherlands seeks to effectively tackle major global challenges and respond to the economic opportunities these challenges bring.

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