Just Launched: Health~Holland Update Special COVID-19 Edition

“Everything must change. Nothing stays the same. Everyone must change. No one stays the same. The young become the old. Mysteries do unfold. Cause that’s the way of time. Nothing and no one goes unchanged”.

This is how the foreword of our new emagazine opens, written by Nico van Meeteren, Executive Director of Health~Holland. Curious to find out why he chose the lyrics of Bernard Ighner?
Read the full foreword here.

The last few months have been a wakeup call to most people. Now, more than ever, we realise that health and freedom is something we must not take for granted. In this COVID-19 special update, we want to give you valuable insight into the latest developments surrounding COVID-19, but also shine a light on possible future pandemics. Pancras Hogendoorn shares his view on how to act with possible future pandemics. Read the full interview here.

What else can you expect to read in our special COVID-19 update? Get insight on the 20 awarded COVID-19 projects, following our COVID-19 call, launched last March. Read about how close we are to finding a new vaccine, according to Peter Soema and Ben Peeters from Intravacc. Furthermore, we shine a light on the underexposed theme of mental health problems among healthcare workers with Marieke Soeter from TNO.

Enjoy our special COVID-19 update and feel inspired! Read magazine

Just Launched: Health~Holland Update Special COVID-19 Edition

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