Pre-announcement call for Human Measurement Models 2.0: for health research on diseases and prevention

NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences (AES), the Association of Collaborating Health Foundations (SGF), ZonMw and Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH; Health~Holland) together make 5.55 million euros available for the development and validation of human measurement models. Through public-private partnerships within the research programme a contribution is made to science that becomes more effective for humans and is less dependent on laboratory animals.


Every day, millions of people have to deal with the consequences of serious and sometimes life-threatening diseases. NWO Domain AES, the SGF, ZonMw and Top Sector LSH are committed to contribute to better and longer healthier lives for everyone. Scientific research, to develop better treatments for example, is crucial. Research models based on human material such as cells and tissues, or computer models based on human data, are expected to resemble humans better than animal models. The more closely a research model resembles the human situation, the sooner the corresponding research results can be applied in practice.

Targeted funding is being made available in the programme Human measurement models, which has been set up by SGF, NWO Domain AES, ZonMw and Top Sector LSH. In 2019, the first funding round of the programme took place, entitled “Human measurement models. Towards better human measurement models”. The current (second) call “Human measurement models 2.0: for health research on diseases and prevention” will open in March 2020.

Aim and objectives

The aim of the programme Human measurement models is to facilitate the development of new, more efficient human measurement models for health research to ensure that research results can be applied better and faster in humans. The focus of the programme’s second call is to develop innovative human measurement models for disease research or the prevention of diseases, including toxicity studies. The results from health research and any developed model has to be applicable for multiple diseases, and has to have an impact for multiple patient groups.

Call for proposals

At the beginning of March 2020 a call for proposals that contribute to the aim of the programme will be opened on the NWO website. Depending on the type of research (fundamental, industrial or experimental) and the contributions from private and public parties within the collaborative project, funding between 0.5 and 1 million euros can be requested per research project.

Applications can be submitted until mid-June 2020 by a consortium consisting of at least two research organisations and at least two for-profit enterprises. More information about the conditions and the assessment procedure will be made available in the call for proposals.

Network meeting

An information and network meeting is being organised on April 2nd 2020 to offer parties the chance to explore opportunities for collaboration. Interested researchers, companies and social organisations are very welcome. Registration is free and is possible via this link.

The meeting takes place from 13:00 – 17:00 at NWO in Utrecht (Winthontlaan 2, 3526 KV Utrecht). The venue can be easily reached with public transport.

Source: NWO

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