Start-ups are movers in 'animal free testing'

26 Dutch start-ups and scale-ups shine in the booklet ‘26x better and faster without use of animals’published by Transition Programme for Innovation without the use of animals (TPI). The booklet aims to give Dutch companies that are working on animal-free innovations an international stage and was presented during the TPI Pioneer-2-Policymaker Conference.

How can we improve research in the development of medicines, food safety and chemical risks without the need for laboratory animals? Representatives from the realms of science, health care, government and industry have joined forces to answer this challenging question. Various actors are involved, and many changes are needed. We are at the start of a new transition period. Transition Programme animal-free Innovations (TPI) is aimed at accelerating the change process.

Start-ups and scale-ups are of utmost importance in this transition. In an Innovation Network aimed at this target group, TPI is inviting start-ups and scale-ups to jointly tackle problems that stand in the way of animal-free innovations. At several meetings, they defined the biggest challenges and searched for specific solutions. You are looking at the result of one of these solutions: 26 ‘positive stories’ and examples of producers of animal-free testing methods. These start-ups and scale-ups are going out on a limb. In addition to the usual obstacles faced by start-ups, they also overcome the obstacles of a sector that has long been structured around animal testing. 

To give you an impression of the lie of the land of start-ups and scale-ups working on animalfree innovations, this booklet includes reflections, visions and initiatives from the Top Sector Life Science & Health (Health~Holland), platform hDMT, trade association HollandBio, the Dutch Society for the Replacement of Animal Testing, and multinational contract research organisation Charles River.

Read their profiles, look at their technologies, and contact them if you are interested!

 26x better and faster without use of animals (DOWNLOAD)

What is TPI?
TPI stands for Transition Animal-free Innovation. This transition is happening: science, health care, safety assessment and acceptance of animal testing are changing. TPI wants to accelerate these developments. The group "accelerators" consists of: VSNU, NFU, RIVM, ZonMw, Cooperating Health Funds, the Top Sectors Life Sciences & Health and Chemistry and Foundation Animal-free. Five ministries are involved: VWS, OCW, IenM, EZK and LNV. The acceleration is in the hands of the TPI program office of the Ministry of LNV.


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