Mayor of Leiden visits Ncardia to launch DiscoverHIT Platform

Ncardia, a leader in stem cell technology solutions with R&D facilities in Leiden, launched the DiscoverHIT Platform. Mayor Lenferink and Alderman Dirkse of Leiden visited the Ncardia facility last Friday, 1st February, to celebrate this milestone in implementing hiPSC-derived models early in the drug discovery pipeline for efficacy screening.

The DiscoverHIT Platform introduces true human disease biology into early drug discovery screening to enable selection of hit or lead series more likely to translate into pharmacology and the clinic. The platform consists of four integrated modules including disease modelling, manufacturing, assay development and high throughput screening. Human iPSC-derived disease models are manufactured at industry scale at the required quality for application in assays with clinically relevant read-outs suitable for high throughput screening. Together these components give an advantage to the discovery of candidates relevant to human biology before entering into the clinic.

Stefan Braam, CEO of Ncardia: “We are convinced that this will enable us to predict the efficacy of medicines in humans during drug development, so that there is a greater chance of successful functioning in the patient."

Source: Ncardia

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