Funding rounds Translational Research open for application

Two grant calls have been opened within the Translational Research Programme (PTO2). Submitting a project idea is possible for 'Bench to bedside' projects and multidisciplinary consortia.

The aim of the programme is to accelerate the transition from preclinical to early clinical research in humans. This should ensure that knowledge from scientific research leads to concrete improvements for patients and reduced healthcare costs. Both calls therefore focus on the safety and effectiveness of new technologies, treatments and medical products that have been developed in the laboratory until the first application to the patient. In addition, applications for network subsidies can be submitted continuously.

Bench to bedside

For the bench to bedside applications, ZonMw is cooperating with the Top Sector LSH and the Samenwerkende Gezondheidsfondsen (SGF). Grants are awarded from ZonMw and from the Top Sector LSH via the Executive Office Health~Holland. In both cases, the participating health funds add financial resources. By joining forces, available resources can be used more efficiently and promising research can be more easily achieved.


The funding size depends on the contribution of the participating funds, which means that the maximum grant budget per project differs per fund. The minimum grant budget that can be applied for is € 300,000. The maximum duration of the projects is four years.

Multidisciplinary consortia

Research is increasingly being conducted in multidisciplinary consortia. This yields new insights and innovations that would otherwise not occurred or would have occurred less quickly. The research proposals should focus on developing an idea with a proof-of-concept, to a clinical proof-of-concept study. The projects are submitted and carried out by multidisciplinary consortia and are only financed by ZonMw. Within this round, co-financing by companies is useful and desirable.


The maximum budget that can be applied for per project is € 1,500,000 for a maximum period of six years. A minimum of four projects can be financed in this round.

Deadline for submitting a project idea

For both calls, the deadline for submitting the project idea is 27 September 2018.

Network subsidies

A continuous grant has also been made available within the programme to promote networking, stimulate research and innovations, increase (technological) knowledge relating to translational research and promote the participation of young researchers. Applications for grants can be made in four categories: a travel grant, money for a workshop / symposium, a communication voucher or a participation voucher.

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