The Netherlands #1 European Health System according to Health Consumer Powerhouse

In 2014 the Dutch health care system is awarded, for a third time in a row, as best European health care system in the annual research of think tank Health Consumer Powerhouse (HCP). With a resounding score of 898 out of a possible 1000 points our country set an all-time record. An achievement to be proud of!

Task Force Health Care (TFHC) would like to invite you to partake in a discussion with HCP to incorporate ‘’an outside view’’ on our nation’s success. Additionally, we will analyse the best strategy on how our Dutch LSH sector will be able to capitalize this achievement on the international stage.

On September 8th 2015 TFHC, the leading platform for the Life Sciences & Healthcare sector, organizes a major knowledge and networking event for international business in the Healthcare sector: "International Opportunities for the Dutch LSH sector."

TFHC has invited Health Consumer Powerhouse to the Netherlands to discuss the strengths of the Dutch health system and debate with the industry on how our national strengths can disseminate and exploit global opportunities. In addition, there is a session on market opportunities in developing countries like Nigeria (launch of a market study by the Dutch Embassy and PharmAccess) and market opportunities in emerging countries, such as India (with guest speakers from NAT Health Care Federation of India).

For more information concerning program and registration, please visit the website.

About TFHC:
The Task Force Health Care (TFHC) is a not-for-profit platform which was founded in 1996. It stimulates cooperation among organisations within the Dutch life sciences & health sector and promotes sustainability in healthcare. The partners of TFHC consist of a vast network of companies, knowledge-institutes, NGOs and the government active in the Dutch life sciences & health sector.

The Netherlands #1 European Health System according to Health Consumer Powerhouse

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