LabForRent stimulates innovation in Life Sciences

New online marketplace tackles empty-standing laboratory space

The Netherlands has gained a unique start-up. On 20 May 2015, LabForRent launched an online marketplace for supply and demand of laboratory spaces. They are capitalising on an increasingly growing problem: the current overcapacity of lab spaces and the lack of initiatives that bring the lessor and lessee in contact with each other.

LabForRent is based on the concept of sharing, specifically aimed at laboratories. The Netherlands clearly has an overcapacity of laboratory spaces. LabForRent has developed a concept to tackle empty-standing laboratory spaces. Its recently launched online platform stimulates the use and sharing of laboratory spaces, collaboration and joining of innovative forces. On the LabForRent platform, companies looking for laboratory space can find a relevant overview of available laboratories, facilities and supporting services for temporary or long-term use. The site is user-friendly and allows visitors to completely filter the offer based on their wishes. Subsequently, the potential lessee contacts the lessor without intervention of a third party. The platform offers lessors excellent possibilities to present themselves distinctively.

Based on the current results, LabForRent foresees a rapid growth in the offer for space in the Life Sciences and related sectors. “Currently, we are looking into the possibilities of expanding the services with high-quality laboratory equipment, technical expertise and contract research,” according to the founders. In the coming years, LabForRent expects an expansion to European countries, such as Germany, Belgium, France and England. For this reason the website has been set up in various languages.

For further information go to the website or please contact us at:
Dr Maarten van Dongen
Tel: +31 (0)651558068

Arthur Tutein Nolthenius Msc 
Tel: +31(0)653455261

LabForRent stimulates innovation in Life Sciences

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