Facts & Figures

  • As the home to 3,100 innovatieve life sciences companies, of which 420 biopharmaceutical companies, 8 University Medical Centers and 12 Universities engaged in biomedical research, the Netherlands is one of the most concentrated Life Sciences & Health clusters in the world.
  • The Dutch public-private partnership model has set an international standard. In the Netherlands, science, industry and government work together in more than 500 public-private partnerships.
  • The Netherlands ranks #1 in the Global Competetiveness Index in Europe.
  • The Netherlands ranks 2nd worldwide in patent applications for biotechnology and 8th worldwide in patent applications for medical technology according to OECD figures.
  • Two out of the Top 5 European hospitals are situated in the Netherlands.
  • The Netherlands is home to the European Medicines Agency.
  • The Netherlands have impacted global health and well-being by centuries of scientific innovations, inventions and discoveries such as the microscope, electrocardiogram, artificial kidney, heart/lung machine, artificial heart, the description of red blood cells and groundbreaking advances in microbiology.

Infographic: EBD Group