Facts & Figures *

  • The average life expectancy in the Netherlands is high at about 81.9 years (2015). 
  • The Netherlands is home to a dense, vibrant Life Sciences & Health cluster of more than over 375 life sciences and med tech companies and research organizations, all within a 120-mile radius. This makes it the most geographically concentrated Life Sciences & Health regions in the world. 
  • The Netherlands has strong primary and out-patient care and, as a result, the number of avoidable hospitalisations is low compared to other countries and the availability and popularity of preventive screenings are high.
  • Dutch medical practitioners gather information about their patients under strict privacy conditions. As a result, the Netherlands has one of the best documented (patient) populations. 
  • New-born babies are subjected to a screening program that diagnoses serious diseases, helping prevent or mediate damage to health. Throughout the country, large cohort studies collect clinical and lifestyle information, as well as biomaterials, in easily accessible and well-structured bio banks.
  • Dutch companies are able to provide turn-key solutions for major healthcare projects, from hospital design and medical equipment, to financing and waste management, all the while focusing on energy-efficiency and ‘healing environments’. 
  • The strong medical research infrastructure has a strong focus on translational research in different medical areas such as oncology, cardiovascular, immunology and neuroscience.
  • The Netherlands has an excellent research and innovation portfolio in a number of niches, such as vaccination, antibiotic resistance and polio.
  • The Netherlands is a global market leader in mobile health care, which enables the Dutch to contribute to rural health care in developing countries around the globe.
  • The Netherlands ranks  2nd worldwide in patent applications for biotechnology and 8th worldwide in patent applications for medical technology according to OECD figures. 
  • The Dutch public-private partnership model has set an international standard. 

Infographic: EBD Group

* Source Netherlands Enterprise Agency