Health~Holland Communication Toolkit

The Dutch Life Science & Health sector is one of the best in the world. That is partly attributable to our accessible and good healthcare, which constantly is ranked high internationally. On many fronts the Netherlands is a role model: in the field of pharmaceuticals, biotech and medical engineering and in respect of our public-private healthcare system. There are also many Dutch highlights that are known all over the world, including the excellent science that brought us the microscope. 

Thanks to multidisciplinary collaboration in open innovation, which focuses on the ‘quality of life’ and is geared to affordable care, the Netherlands offers solutions to the prevalent global challenges posed by health.

Interested in the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector?  Download the Health~Holland Communication Toolkit materials for more information.  The communication toolkit includes Our Story, Proofpoint stories and Facts & Figures.

Watch the story on the Dutch shared challenges and smart solutions: