Inspiration Session: The Big Beat Challenge

The British Heart Foundation offers a research award of up to £30 million for a radical and innovative research proposal to fight cardiovascular disease: The Big Beat Challenge. The deadline for application is June 14. The Dutch Heart Foundation heartily encourages researchers to submit an application for The Big Beat and wants to facilitate this application. The Dutch CardioVascular Alliance (DCVA) supports and motivates young talented researchers to join.

On April 24 the DCVA will organise an inspiration session for researchers who are interested in The Big Beat Challenge, or who are already working on an application. A number of business and creative partners from the Dutch Heart Foundation will be present. The DCVA hopes that with this interdisciplinary and creative session, the ideas that will be submitted are “top of the bill”.

Are you interested in The Big Beat Challende and do you want to join, review or improve current applications, or even submit your own application? Join DCVA at the inspiration session on Wednesday April 24. You can register by sending an email to:

Are you interested, but unable to come to the inspiration session? Let the DCVA know. They will look for other ways to support you.

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