Call for Organ-on-Chip showcases

The Netherlands has an international leadership position in two research fields that are brought together in Organ-on-Chip (OoC) technology: microfluidics technology and biomedical stem cell research. OoC technology holds great potential to mimic human (patho)physiological conditions for biomedical research and personalised screening of drugs, food ingredients and environmental compounds. In addition, OoC technology can lead to the reduction of animal experiments by development of alternative preclinical test models. Currently, basic research to develop OoC showcases is pivotal, yet financial instruments often require valorisation within the project period – two almost mutually exclusive conditions. Therefore, OoC showcases are a focus point of Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH).

Current financial instruments for basic research to develop and integrate OoC technologies are limited. The Top Sector LSH wants to stimulate the early phase in OoC technology development and therefore established the programme ‘Health~Holland Organ-on-Chip Showcases (HHOOCS)’. This programme is realised by the Top Consortium Knowledge & Innovation (TKI) office of the Top Sector LSH, also known as Health~Holland.

With the HHOOCS programme, companies, recognised research organisations/knowledge institutions, patient organisations and health foundations are invited to apply for financial support (PPP Allowance) to develop an OoC showcase that integrates human stem cell or organoid in vitro cultures and/or microfluidics technology. OoC showcases are defined as the experimental proof of concept OoC models showing that it is feasible to recapitulate key aspects of the anatomy and physiology of the human body, in health and/or disease. PPP Allowance serves as a first driver in OoC technology development and therefore aims at developing showcases for specific organ or tissue functionalities which qualify for further research funding. This programme falls within the framework of the PPP Allowance Regulation of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.

More information

Please download the HHOOCS call for PPP description down below and read more about the call and the requirements for applications. Or contact the office to get more information or assistance in the application process.


The deadline for submission is 14 January 2019. Proposals can be submitted to Health~Holland via