Roadmap Human Capital top sectors 2020-2023

The new mission-driven innovation policy has set new outlines for the Roadmap Human Capital top sectors 2020-2023 and was presented to the Dutch parliament in November 2019. In the Roadmap, all top sectors bundle their capacities and share knowledge to invest in human capital as driving force to reach societal and economic goals. For the coming years the focus will be on three coherent programmes: 

More impact. One hundred Learning Communities in the next four years, in close cooperation with the regions to create synergy with regional investment agendas.  

Create and spread knowledge. A robust research programme, with NWO, focussing on human capital and learning communities.  

Mobilise and accelerate. With partners, such as SER, VNO/NCW, Techniekpact, more impact is generated which boosts (the adaption of) innovation.