LSH-FES Contribution

On December 18th, 2009 the LSH-FES 2009 proposal was awarded a FES contribution of € 81 million by the Dutch government matching an investment of € 95.4 million by companies, universities and others. The proposal was developed by over 100 partners including small and medium sized companies (SMEs), leading multinational corporations and world-class research groups from almost all university medical centers and universities in the Netherlands, as well as by the Dutch departments of Health, Welfare and Sports (VWS), Education and Science (OCW), and Economic Affairs (EZ).  Download the sector plan here (PDF, NL).  
The consortia eligible for FES funding were chosen for their demonstrated strengths in previous research programs and as representatives of the LSH clusters Diagnosis, Drugs, Regenerative Medicine, and Enabling Technology & Infrastructure. Together they form the basis of the LSH sector translational research program. The participating consortia and budget to be realized, including DCTI consortium which received 7 million from the FES round in 2008, are shown in the Table below.

Participating consortia and budget

Sector Consortium FES budget Total Costs
Diagnosis Cyttron 10 million 20 million
  tEPIS (part of CTMM-TraIT) 1 million 2 million
Drugs VIRGO 11 million 22 million
  NeuroBasic 13 million 26 million
Regenerative Medicine NIRM 42 million 86 million
  DCTI (FES 2008) 7 million 11 million
Sector wide (not matching) Pre-seed grant 3million
  Eduction & Training 1 million -
Total   88 million 167 million