The Evaluation Committee consists of life sciences and health professionals from different disciplines. The Evaluation Committee advises the Board of Health~Holland on the scientific quality, feasibility and relevance of the proposals submitted through the Match Call.


  • Dr. Edvard Beem, Medical Chemistry and Research Funding – Chair
  • Prof. dr. Eco de Geus, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Psychophysiology and Genetic Epidemiology
  • Dr. Julie Nonnekens, Erasmus MC, Tumor Biology, Oncology and Radiotherapy
  • Dr. Mark Mizee, Innovation Exchange Amsterdam, Neuroscience and Immunology
  • Dr. Jildau Bouwman, TNO, Systems Biology, Digital Health and Lifestyle Medicine
  • Prof. dr. Hester den Ruijter, UMC Utrecht, Translational Research, Epidemiology and Cardiovascular Disease
  • Dr. Michel de Baar, MSD, Infectious Diseases & Vaccines, CardioMetabolic- and Immunology Diseases
  • Prof. dr. Jolanda de Vries, Radboudumc, Immunology
  • Prof. dr. Stef Kremers, Maastricht University, Health promotion, Behavioral Sciences and Obesity prevention
  • MSc. Stéfan Ellenbroek, Leiden Bio Science Park Foundation, Entrepreneurship and Public-Private-Partnerships in Life Science